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Poverty Alleviation 

Hamper Relief Drives, Anti Crime Programme, Education (Poverty is more than just the lack of material things but a state of mind)

The Anti Crime Programme intends to get to the root of the problem of crime in our communities. It is a coordinated approach between law enforcement, the judicial system, prisons, lawyers, educators, government, households, communities and corporate entities Targeting two main areas:

Philosophy Workshops: Addressing the mindset of people & communities. It is heavily based on theories from local & international philosophers and criminology

Employment Workshops: Giving persons options to earn a living by educating and equipping persons with the tools to become employable or to start their own business

Projects Under our Poverty Alleviation Pillar:

Environmental Sustainability

We produce virtual tours of eco-tourist destinations in T&T. We hope to expand regionally and internationally in the near future.

  •  Virtual Wild Fowl Trust Tour:

  • Yerette - Home of the Hummingbird Virtual Tour: 

In 2023, we plan to start pursuing the revitalization of the Couva River targeting wildlife restoration and making it a possible tourist attraction.

Cultural Sustainability

We plan to host the Sugar & Energy Festival. We hosted a virtual edition of the event in 2021 but struggled to get sponsors this year. We may attempt to pull off a Christmas version of it to maintain an annual momentum

Here is a look at Virtual Sugar & Energy Festival 2021:




Social Unity

Bird's Eye Comic Strip is an interreligious comic strip. The comic strip uses illustrated birds as characters to tell a short story. Each short story has a moral. Our aim is to tie most religious teachings to the moral of each story.

Here are a few examples of our narrated videos:


Click here to visit the Bird's Eye Project Page

Virtual Sugar & Energy Festival 2021

Virtual Sugar & Energy Festival 2021

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