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The Difference Maker Movement is a non-profit organization located in Trinidad and Tobago. The organization was incorporated in December 2019. Our main purpose is to contribute positively to society under four main pillars:

  1. Poverty Alleviation

  2. Environmental Sustainability

  3. Cultural Preservation

  4. Social Unity

Making a difference starts with you

Our Mission

Our Mission

The Difference Maker Movement (D.M.M.) is a collaboration of like-minded individuals pursuing self-development and to help others for the greater good of society. Our movement will efficiently and selflessly use our collective resources to accomplish our goals. We seek to improve the lives of all those we serve. We shall form strategic partnerships to undertake projects and initiatives. Our philosophy is that anyone can make a difference.


Our Vision

Our vision is to impact the world in a positive way. This impact should be significant, expansive and never-ending. We understand that there will be challenges, however, our approach will be from a place of peace and love. We shall learn quickly from our mistakes as we strive to become a global movement of unity and progress. Our efforts are aimed to make life worth living for both our members and those we serve.

We Need Your Support Today!

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