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Herbal Experimentation Application and Database (H.E.A.D.)

HEAD aims to marry traditional medicine with modern medicine. Many herbs grow like weeds throughout Trinidad and Tobago. As a result, they are treated as such. Who knows, we may very well be throwing away our medicine. In the process, we may be throwing away our lives and the lives of our loved ones. Is it so outrageous to believe that we may have cures literally and freely growing in our backyards? We may very well be walking or driving pass potential medicinal breakthroughs every day.  

The four pillars of H.E.A.D.:

  1. Herbal: any plant that can be used as medicine

  2. Experimental: obtain scientifc data to identify herbs and to determine their potential health benefits & toxins

  3. Application: learn the best ways to consume herbs e.g. teas, oils or capsules

  4. Database: identify, document and store herbal information

Goals of HEAD:

  1. Properly identifying herbs i.e. scientific name & traditional name(s)

  2. Determine the best ways to prepare and consumethe herbs e.g. tea, decoction, capsule

  3. Where applicable, determine the medicinal dosage of the herb to be use

  4. Scientifically identify the health benefits of each herb

  5. Identify the toxins and possible side effects

  6. Prove or disprove the validity of the traditional knowledge of these herbs

  7. Education is a major component of the HEAD initiative. A handful of our population have knowledge about these herbs. Educating others will help spread the knowledge to more people to foster a healthy society

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