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Bird's Eye Comic Strip Story 08: Chatterbox Parrot & Quiet Cockatiel

Description: This is a story about being careful who you share your dreams and aspirations with. Be sure to share your ambitions only with those who can guide and encourage you positively.

Chatterbox Parrot Comic Strip.png

Here are different religious teachings about the moral of this story:



Taoism emphasizes balance in all aspects of life. When sharing dreams and aspirations, it's important to strike a balance between open communication and personal reflection. Excessive sharing or obsessive focus on one's dreams can upset this balance. When sharing dreams and aspirations, one should do so with humility and without seeking excessive validation or attention.

-- Provided by ChatGPT


Scientology places a strong emphasis on effective communication as a fundamental skill for personal and spiritual development. This involves not only being able to express oneself clearly but also being a good listener and understanding the appropriate time and place for communication.
-- Provided by ChatGPT


Rastafarianism promotes wisdom and mindfulness in communication. This includes choosing what and when to share information. Oversharing thoughtlessly or in a way that causes harm may be seen as unwise.
-- Provided by ChatGPT


The concept of "Shmirat HaLashon," or guarding one's tongue, is rooted in Jewish tradition. It encourages individuals to think carefully before speaking and to avoid unnecessary or hurtful speech.

-- Provided by ChatGPT


The Quran encourages believers to use wisdom in their speech. This includes choosing the right time, place, and audience for sharing one's dreams and aspirations. It's important to consider the context and potential impact of one's words.

-- Provided by ChatGPT


In Yoruba culture, there is a general emphasis on respect, moderation, and discretion in communication. People are encouraged to be mindful of what they say and how they say it, and to avoid speaking negatively about others or spreading false information. However, the specific guidance regarding oversharing would depend on the individual's unique situation and the divination process.

-- Provided by ChatGPT


"Binu satsang vivek na hoi"

Translation: "Without the company of truthful people, wisdom (distinguishing between truth and false) does not come to a person." (Rāmacaritamānasa, Bāl Kāṇḍa, Doha 2, Caupāī 4)

-- Provided by Vishal Siewnarine


"One of the greatest gifts we can offer anyone as is pointed out in the video.  Encouragement is helping someone to take another step in life." -- Archbishop John Holder

"11 Therefore encourage one another and build up each other, as indeed you are doing." (1 Thessalonians 5:11 NRSVUE Bible) -- Provided by Kyle Grant


The Buddha encouraged practitioners to be mindful of the timing and relevance of their speech. Oversharing may involve sharing information at inappropriate times or in situations where it is not needed.

-- Provided by ChatGPT

Other religions are invited to join in and send their input.

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